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Tuesday, July 3 2018

Thinking About Enlisting?


Wear a cool uniform - and come home in a box... or stay alive and healthy? 8 years of uncertainty... or a productive career? Learn to destroy... or help build a better world? Contribute to devastation and instability in other countries... or make ours a better place to live? __Things to Ask Yourself  […]

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Tuesday, February 20 2018

Transitioning from military medic to a civilian EMS


Returning servicemen can find it very difficult to find jobs when they return to the civilian world. It is of utmost importance to help them integrate once again. Because licensing requirements and their varying degree of experience don’t make it easier for them to find a job back at home Most of  […]

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Wednesday, July 6 2016

The strong interconnection between militarism and climate change


It is difficult to say whether the climate change and global warming or the intermediate threat of war and the war system as a whole pose a bigger threat to our planet at the moment. Both issues are serious problems, and if the human population wants to survive and accomplish world peace, the only  […]

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Monday, July 4 2016

Opposing militarism through peace education

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Peace activists around the world are looking for ways to tackle militarism with education, because they consider the illiterate, the young and those with lower income to be much easier targets for recruitment by the military. The right of people to be educated to object to militarization and the  […]

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