An Introduction to Social Media Optimization

In this day and age of tough competition and fast advancement, everyone wants the best for their business. Hence, companies are always on the look out for ways to multiply and improve their sales. Social media optimization is just one way that the companies have realized that it helps boost their sales and services to a maximum.

Social media optimization accomplishes this by helping deflect large numbers of traffic to a website by increasing the integrity of a website. It is also a way that allows visitors to a website to get in contact with others having similar mindset. Social media optimization lets ideas, viewpoints, and skills to be shared by numerous strangers.

SMO uses social media an online tool to allow Internet users to interact and exchange information with one another at the same time. A few examples of social media tools are blog, bookmark, wiki, and vlog. Further, it assists you in making your website known among the Internet visitors by advertising it.

Social media optimization can also be used to enhance a website by magnifying the various features of the website. You can enhance a website by making it appealing. A website can be made appealing by creating content that is attractive and visible. By doing so, you can increase the numbers of visitors coming to your website.

You can also make a website appealing by arranging content in such a way that it is easy to read and grammatically correct. Further, whatever content is added should be of importance and of use. The content also needs to be regularly monitored and modified, so that your website is up-to-date always.

We now know what social media optimization is. However, it is also necessary to know that it was first advocated by Rohit Bhargava to improve the traffic to a website. Bhargava to increase website traffic specified five rules, linkability, make tagging and bookmarking easy, reward inbound links, help your content travel, and encourage the mashup, that are to be followed.

Bhargava was also the one who both differentiated and showed similarity between social media optimization and SEO. According to him the difference between the two is in the use of portals and techniques to direct traffic to a website. SEO uses search engines to pull visitors, while social media optimization uses other portals too. However, both of them are similar in the way they function.