Ringtones – How Can It Be Explained?

With the increase in mobile phone usage, a rise in different kinds of ringtones has taken place. Ringtones have become popular as they help in making your mobile phone stand out in a crowd of mobile phones.

Since, a ringtone configured by a mobile phone owner can be totally different for every mobile phone; a ringtone makes it easy to know whose mobile phone is ringing in a crowd. Ringtones for mobile phones have been in usage since 1998 when the first downloadable service was launched for the first time in Finland.

Since, then there has been no looking back for ringtones service providers, as there has been an amazing growth in the ringtone market. Ringtones are of the same kind as the tring tring resonance made by a telephone to denote an incoming call. A ringtone can be defined as a brief audio file played on a mobile phone to designate an incoming call or SMS alert.

However, unlike the boring sound of a telephone, a ringtone consists of a wider selection of tunes. Currently, ringtones usually include several bars of a well-known musical note. Further, ringtones compared to the resonance of a telephone are of superior quality because they play a wider range of frequency.

Currently, all mobile phones are sold with a few in-built ringtones installed in them. If you are not satisfied with these, you can always download more ringtones from various sources, such as websites or service providers. Quite a few of these ringtones can be downloaded for free, while some of them have to be purchased for a small cost.

There are three different types of ringtones, such as monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and truetones that can be configured on mobile phones. Amongst these three types of ringtones, truetones are the most superior in quality followed by polyphonic ringtones and then monophonic ringtones.

This is due to the fact that truetones play real music and are basically an audio recording. Truetones are usually excerpts from pop songs or music albums.

The common format for truetones is MP3, WMA or AAC. Further, both truetones and polyphonic ringtones comprise of several notes that are played at a time and play natural music.

Monophonic ringtones are basically a series of notes. When you configure monophonic ringtones on your mobile phone, one musical note is played at a time.