Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

SEO for blogs is different than for most other sites. This mainly reflects the social networking techniques that are standard part of blogs. SEO for blogs is not so much about buying expensive links or search engine tricks with inadequate technology. SEO for blogs puts more emphasis on creating interactive content and creating something worth attention.

Social aspects of web blogs

1. RSS and feed readers make it easy for readers to subscribe every post you place and it will receive a notification from the moment you publish it.

2. Many people who read blogs are themselves often a web blog owner. Many of them have hundreds or thousands of readers subscribed. If a few respected bloggers give a message, it can have a nice snowball effect.

3. A blog that invites its readers to participate in the discussion have dozens or even hundreds of reactions, which in turn add unique content and post additional search result view.

4. Blog Promotion is more about attention and be rewarded for spreading ideas than it optimizing specific pages for search engine algorithms.

Web blog Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Services such as Blogger, give you the ability to use a sub domain in their domain. Do NOT use it! Some of these services offer limited opportunities and / or do not allow ads on your blog.